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Check out what the STUZ in Mainz wrote about pado parking:

STUZ April/Mai 2021

We pitched our app to the City of Mainz and the Gutenberg Digital Hub in March 2021. Also present were the mayor of Mainz, Michael Ebling and the CEO of Stadtwerke Mainz. Pado is all about easily finding available parking spots. Want to join our community? Click here and learn more about how pado works.

We are proud and excited to announce that the Alpha version of our Web App will launch on April 30, 2021. A lot of work has been done, and there is much more to do. We want you, the pado users, to tell us what you like and don’t like, what we can do better and which features you want us to add to the app. Share, invite friends and get rewards for helping to grow our community! We at pado are dedicated to built a community and make the problem of finding a parking spot history. You can save time, fuel and energy if you use the pado parking app right away.