Committed to serve the community

We all are old friends. The usual suspects of an automotive industry, grown between well known car brands and suppliers. A mix of software quality manager, general manager, IT administrator, developer electronics, innovation managers and buyer.

Our global experience gave us the gift to understand the huge contribution which a community can provide to our environment.

This led us to serve pado.

Unlock the potential of community

100s of apps

There are so many parking apps. None of them for user to user

1,000s of cities

Still trying to solve the parking pain

0 user considered

So far no driver is really asked to give a direct contribution

The Team

Domenico Solazzo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Born in 1980, grown up between Germany and Italy and then becoming a global player of the automotive industry.
I love life and everything which is related to it, especially my family, my job, the nature, sports and food. Every day, I’m grateful for such big gifts and every day I’m afraid about the time which is running faster and faster.
For this reason I really hate to waste time. For this reason I started to think about pado.

Vincent Mauroit

Co-Founder & CTO

Born and raised in the flemish jewel town Ghent in Belgium in 1969 where I studied Engineering in Electromechanics and subsequently studied an Executive MBA in General Management at the University of Mannheim in Germany and the University of ESSEC in Paris, France. I have an overall passion for innovation and especially for technological innovations which contribute to a better and more sustainable world. I decided to join as a co-founder and to engage into the pado endeavour as I am convinced that the community-based-approach, on which the pado business model and solutions are based, have the potential to make major contributions in solving the big challenges the world is currently facing. 

Christian Knoche

Investor & CMO

After several international positions in in Sales, Product- and Innovation Management, Christian joined pado as investor and assumed the role of CMO in 2021. Christian is an industrial engineer by training and also a self-published writer.

Jürgen Peters


Born in 1959 in Krefeld, Germany I initially was a car technician before I continued studying Mechanical engineering with focus on Automotive. For more than 30 years I have been in different roles, including long time leadership roles and international assignments. I am a firm believer of community based solutions, which is what attracted me to join pado community. I love life, travel, cooking, wine, spending time with friends. However, while enjoying those nice things, I’m well aware of problems in the world and always eager to provide my part to solve what is within my power. We do have to be very careful how we treat nature and our resources. We need to urgently solve problems now so that future generations and communities can enjoy life as well.

Parking problems is just one of many issues related to mobility. I believe in pado-parking as this provides a solution to one particular problem of today related to mobility.

Thea Feuerstein


Growing up in a small town in Germany, I have always been fascinated by technology and the possibilities one has to create solutions to problems with it. As a mechatronics and industrial engineer, I deal with what is technically possible, economically necessary, but also ecologically compatible. As an active networker, I am interested in bringing people together and helping them to find a solution to any kind of problem together. So it was only a logical step for me to combine technology and networking in order to help as many people as possible in their daily lives. That's why we founded pado.

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Best solution
for big city traffic

Discover available parking slot in your destination before you go, book the slot seamlessly, keep your time effective.

easy parking spot search with pado

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Millions of users exchanging information are much more efficient than any algorithm

The app is really easy-to-use and self-explaining. Just get started with your car type, colour and license plate and other drivers can identify you easily and leave just when you arrive.


PHP Developer

My infamous record of searching for a parking slot? Two hours! When I come home from work, I just want to park somewhere close to my house. With pado, this is now easy and on-the-fly.


CEO and Entrepreneur

Finally no more driving around the block for 20 minutes to find an available slot - I can book ad-hoc or in advance and swap with someone who is leaving right away.

René Wagner

CEO - WDS Solutions

Finding a parking slot on a busy saturday night can really become a nightmare. Friends are waiting, the club is open, and I have to keep circling around the block - this problem is history.


Student of Physics

pado made my day! I wanted to go to the city center with my daughter for a quick stop. I booked a parking slot while leaving. 20 minutes later I swapped with another friendly driver.


Full-time working mom

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