pado as TMaaS

Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) is becoming more and more important for cities and urban areas. The pado community can contribute to this with a vast amount of data.

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How does pado-parking contribute to the TMaaS ecosystem?

The pado community is much more than a parking app. We are dedicated to serve the environment while at the same time having an open approach to any type of public or individual transportation. We do not believe in constraints but in enabling people. Reducing congestion in cities and urban areas by efficiently managing the parking situation is our contribution to a cleaner environment, happiness, avoiding accidents and saving time and money.

Pado Pado Pado

With our vast groups of users contributing to the community every day, we don’t need to ask Marty McFly what the future will hold for us - at least not, when it comes to parking.

Pado Pado Pado
Any place, any time

The pado-parking app is not set on any particular type of parking slot. Whether for free or charged by public meter, whether on the street, in a parking garage or even private slots - we maintain the overall view in the bustling traffic of cities and urban areas.

Pado Pado Pado

Use the pado-parking App on your mobile device or have it integrated in the vehicles software directly

Pado Pado Pado
Engage with the community

Want to know how to set up the new traffic management system? How is the situation in your cities parking garages? Ask our community and get the answers you need to make people's life a little better.

1. Metrics

2. Any place, any time

3. Integration

4. Engage with the community

Everybody is talking about privacy protection and data security. At pado, we believe in enablement, not in constraints. That is why we decided to let the users take their data back. Our community members decide if they want to share their data - of course anonymously - and with whom. We know about the value of data, and that's why we incentify our users for it. Share data, earn pado coins and help the society and environment even more.

Christian Knoche

Chief Marketing Officer at pado


Best solution
for big city traffic

Discover available parking slot in your destination
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time effective.

easy parking spot search with pado

Check out what the STUZ in Mainz wrote about pado parking: STUZ Apr

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Why and how pado started

It all started when Domenico Solazzo, the founder of pado-comm

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Millions of users exchanging information are much more efficient than any algorithm

pado made my day! I wanted to go to the city center with my daughter for a quick stop. I booked a parking slot while leaving. 20 minutes later I swapped with another friendly driver.


Full-time working mom

Finding a parking slot on a busy saturday night can really become a nightmare. Friends are waiting, the club is open, and I have to keep circling around the block - this problem is history.


Student of Physics

My infamous record of searching for a parking slot? Two hours! When I come home from work, I just want to park somewhere close to my house. With pado, this is now easy and on-the-fly.


CEO and Entrepreneur

The app is really easy-to-use and self-explaining. Just get started with your car type, colour and license plate and other drivers can identify you easily and leave just when you arrive.


PHP Developer

Finally no more driving around the block for 20 minutes to find an available slot - I can book ad-hoc or in advance and swap with someone who is leaving right away.

René Wagner

CEO - WDS Solutions

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