The Parking Community

Learn from other users where and when slots will become available and meet for
a parking slot swap on-the-fly

The innovative solution for parking seekers

Transform the parking challenge into a parking experience by building a community which manages parking slots efficiently and sustainably.

Pado Pado Pado
Save time

No searching time anymore. Learn from other users where and when slots will become available

Pado Pado Pado
Support the environment

Contribute to save thousands of tons of CO2. Using pado-parking is equivalent to planting 3 trees.

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Engage with the community

Become an early adopter of a community with millions of humans and autonomous cars

1. Save time

2. Support the environment

3. Engage with the community

Get slots from the parking community


Full community app. Learn from other users where and when slots will become available.

100 g

For each usage pado-parking users save 100 grams CO2.


Stress release thanks to other users waiting for a slot swap with you.

> 40 M

In Europe more than 40 milion drivers daily searching 8 min for a parking slot.


Best solution for big city traffic

Discover available parking slot in your destination before you go, book the slot seamlessly, keep your time effective.

easy parking spot search with pado

Check out what the STUZ in Mainz wrote about pado parking: STUZ Apr

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Why and how pado started

It all started when Domenico Solazzo, the founder of pado-comm

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Millions of users exchanging information are much more efficient than any algorithm

Finally no more driving around the block for 20 minutes to find an available slot - I can book ad-hoc or in advance and swap with someone who is leaving right away.

René Wagner

CEO - WDS Solutions

The app is really easy-to-use and self-explaining. Just get started with your car type, colour and license plate and other drivers can identify you easily and leave just when you arrive.


PHP Developer

My infamous record of searching for a parking slot? Two hours! When I come home from work, I just want to park somewhere close to my house. With pado, this is now easy and on-the-fly.


CEO and Entrepreneur

Finding a parking slot on a busy saturday night can really become a nightmare. Friends are waiting, the club is open, and I have to keep circling around the block - this problem is history.


Student of Physics

pado made my day! I wanted to go to the city center with my daughter for a quick stop. I booked a parking slot while leaving. 20 minutes later I swapped with another friendly driver.


Full-time working mom

Pado Pado

Become an early adopter!

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 to the building of a big community

Our app isn’t beautiful yet, it doesn’t perform great yet but it will help millions of people to solve the problem of finding parking slots.
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